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Stellar Villas Match
Stellar Villas Match
No worries here. Our exclusive Stellar Match™ system ensures that you choose what you really want. As soon as we receive your initial booking information we’ll coordinate a phone interview with you that is designed to discover which luxury property and location is best suited to your personality and taste. Get started immediately!
You can look through private residences, exotic islands, ultra yachts and luxury jets to find one you like then request information with the corresponding form or call at the numbers below.
US + 1 561.208.3937
UK +44 (0) 207 078 4243
About Stellar Villas
Stellar Villas, Islands, Yachts and Jets - About Us
At Stellar Villas, we believe that luxury travel is a fine art and that each experience must be individually crafted into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. So, what defines a masterpiece?
A masterpiece can't be duplicated. At Stellar Villas, no two experiences are the same. Each is individually and painstakingly designed, to reflect the personal tastes of travelers.
A masterpiece inspires. We strive to take you beyond your expectations to help fulfill your greatest dream of what an unforgettable travel experience is all about.
A masterpiece invokes passion. We help you realize your personal passion for adventure, beauty and travel however you choose to define it.
Our travelers seek exceptionally beautiful private rental residences around the world. Our portfolio includes villas, islands, castles, haciendas and high-end safari lodges. Maybe a yacht is in order. We have some of the finest yachts the world has to offer. In addition, they can choose to travel there in style via our private jets. But that's just the beginning.
Our Stellar Villas Sports ImmersionT program caters to the traveler who is passionate about a particular sport. Choose from a host of sports including golf, tennis, water sports and equestrian pursuits, to name a few. Our experienced team creates a customized Sports Immersion experience for you and your guests, including access to top level pros in their chosen sport. (Link to Sports Immersion page)
Stellar Villas World ConciergeT providing our guests with the finest in-house concierge services available. In their own private residences they can receive the same level of service they would expect at the finest hotels in the world. (Link To World Concierge page)
Stellar Villas Working PerksT Program, is a unique working vacations program that combines your luxury vacation with your off-site executive meeting. And you get to bring your loved one along. It's the best of both worlds! (no pun intended). (Link To Working Perks page)
In addition, we provide a wide range of services to our property owners and luxury resorts throughout the world. Our sports services division provides many levels of services from Pros On DemandT for the single vacationer to complete sports facility management for a resort. We also provide a wide range of services from telecommunications to interior design.


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