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Stellar Sports
Stellar Sports

Stellar Sports is truly beyond the scope of what is offered at other luxury villa companies. more about Stellar Sports Services

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Stellar Villas World Concierge
Stellar Villas, Islands, Yachts and Jets - Our Services Stellar Villas World Concierge™

Stellar Villas is unlike any other luxury property rental company. Naturally we provide travelers with some of the most desirable luxury accommodations in the world. But that's just the beginning. Stellar Villas World Concierge™, our personalized services for travelers, is specially designed to cater to your mind, body and spirit so that your leisure experience is truly unforgettable. With Stellar Villas World Concierge™, you'll no longer have to go to a resort or hotel to receive the benefit of world-class concierge services. We bring them to you. Do you require a personal trainer or tennis instructor on site? How about a daily visit from a professional masseuse, hair stylist or yoga instructor? Or perhaps you'd like to take some scuba diving lessons right in your villa pool? See the list on the right for some of our concierge services.



Stellar Villas World Concierge™ listings
The following are examples of our Stellar Villas World Concierge™ service offerings. Please contact us to discuss our complete service offering.

Spa Treatments
Lessons in
Scuba Diving
Horseback Riding
Spiritual Journeys
Astronomy Sky Tours

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