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The Ultimate Tennis Fantasy Experience
A Weekend with Chris Evert

If tennis is your passion, here is the chance of a lifetime - An opportunity to learn it from the one who started it all. A full week of incredible tennis culminating in an amazing weekend with Chris Evert. You'll finish the week a better tennis player and have an unparalleled tennis experience.
The Legendary Chris Evert
Winner of 18 Grand Slam titles
Wimbledon Logo
US Open Logo
French Open Logo
Australian Open Logo
3 Wimbledon Titles
6 U.S. Opens
7 French Opens
2 Australian Opens
Chris Evert
Chris Evert is known throughout the world as one of the best women to ever play the game of tennis. In 1995, Chris Evert was the fourth player ever to be elected unanimously into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Evert has been referred to the world over as "a living textbook of correct, proper shot structure" and is legendary for:
  • The two-handed backhand: Used by the majority of the top 100 pros today
  • Her superior racquet preparation and meticulous execution
  • The best lob shot in tennis history
  • Her famous drop shot
  • Her power of concentration, impenetrable will and gracious sportsmanship
Craig Petra, USPTA
In addition to Ms. Evert, Craig Petra, USPTA, our Vice President of Sports Services will be there to provide the top level instruction that his VIP clients have demanded for years. If you're into tennis, he's the best. Just ask some of his clients like Bernard Arnault -CEO Louis Vuitton, Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, and some former NFL and NBA superstars.
A Full Stellar Villas Sports Services Program
The Week with Craig Petra
Craig will kick off the weekday part of the program with instruction for all levels of play. He will refine your game with the expertise he has provided to the world's elite. The weekday program will include -A full morning of tennis for your guests including clinics and match play Monday through Friday with private lessons available at an additional cost.
Weekday Schedule
Tennis from 8:30 to 11am Monday through Friday mornings followed by a one hour break. Craig will be available for private lessons for most of the afternoon.
The Weekend with Chris Evert
The weekend will include -2 half days of personal instruction or tournament play with Chris Evert for up to 20 people.
Weekend Schedule
Tennis from 9 to 11am on Saturday morning followed by a 1 hour break and then from 12 to 2 more tennis. On Saturday Evening, Ms. Evert will attend a dinner with the group from 7 to 9pm. Then on Sunday, photos/autographs from 9 to 10am followed by tennis from 11 to noon then an hour break and with an additional hour of tennis from 1 to 2.
For more information and pricing, contact us at:

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